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Atlas Yacht Club

The Atlas Yacht Club is a marina twenty minutes outside New York City that was settled by squatter fishermen in the 1930’s. It’s made up of about seventy-five shacks that sit side by side on an old pier that was once used to load ships with coal that were docked on the Kill Van Kull, a strip of water that separates New Jersey and Staten Island. The club lays between a field of huge petroleum tanks and a chemical refinery. My dad and his dad have both kept their boats there well before I was born. When I was young, I used to build things in my dad’s workshop with random things I found around the yard. And even though I was never really into fishing back then, I did love eating the fish my father caught and going out for rides on our boat. I decided to document this place before the land gets taken back by the city one day to be torn down or developed into waterfront condos.