Friday Inspiration – Paulo Nozolino

Paulo Nozolino was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1955. After training as a painter in Lisbon, Nozolino took up photography in 1972. In 1975, he moved to London and studied at the London College of Printing for three years before embarking on a period of worldwide travel. He travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Arab world, North and South America and Macao. Many of his photographs were published in numerous books, the most well-known being Penumbra (1996), a collection of pictures taken in countries including Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Mauritania. Much of his work has focused on the traditional cultures of North Africa and the Middle East, but he has also produced urban images that seem reminiscent of Robert Frank.

Nothing Special 69

I’ll be in Mexico for a few days, so there will be no posts until I get back.

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